Compassionate Care

I enjoy the friendly environment and the professionalism of the medical staff and my co-workers. I also enjoy assisting patients, families and friends. It is rewarding for me to assist individuals in need of help. If you like a challenging position that requires physical stamina, attention to detail and good communication skills you should consider Southwest General Hospital.
- Lucy, Cashier and Line Staff

What I like most about working for Southwest General Hospital is my co-workers. We have a really great team of nurses and staff that work great together. There are a lot of strong friendships that have been formed and I love the feeling of coming to work and knowing that no matter what the situation is, I will never be left alone. My Director always provides support and reassurance to help me become a better nurse. Her door is always open and she is willing to listen to any concerns I may have. My job is rewarding to me because almost on a daily basis I am able to help bring new life into the world. It doesn't get any better than that!
- Monica, RN-DSN, The Birthplace

I was raised and still live in this community, and it gives me great pleasure to serve my community and be an advocate for this area of San Antonio. The Society of Chest Pain Centers Accreditation to me is proof that we are as good as anyone in the nation, but what makes us better is the quality of people that work at Southwest General Hospital. We may appear to be a small facility in San Antonio hidden in a large corner of the city, but we shine compared to the giant hospital systems that surround us. What makes us shine is the sense of community that thrives at SWGH. It brings us together in difficult times and challenges like the overflow of Hurricane Katrina patients and the joy of reaching milestones such as an accreditation, not just Chest Pain Center but anything that improves the quality of care for our patients and community. Community, cooperation, collaboration equals SWGH TEAM!
- Jose, Charge Nurse, Emergency Department

I started at Southwest General Hospital as a student, while finishing a rotation in Chemistry. As a lab tech I strive to produce the most accurate results as efficiently as possible for our customers. There has never been a dull moment working here. The people are friendly and have a knack when it comes to working together. SWGH employees strive to produce/enable a sense of "community", which helps in our relationships with each other. San Antonio is full of culture from all different walks of life. Working as a team we can make our patients stay positive.
- David, Medical Technologist